This service lets you build custom playlists of SHOUTcast radio stations to be used in your preferred media application. SHOUTcast is the ultimate directory of online radio stations with over 50,000 music, talk, sports and community radio stations from all over the world.

Operating Instructions

Generating your personal playlist is divided in three simple steps:

  1. Add some sources to choose from. Since the SHOUTcast library contains too much stations to be presented all at once adding genres and/or search queries to your list of sources to choose from is mandatory.

    Hit the "Add Genre" button to show a list of genres. The arrow on the right hand side of every genre unhides all sub genres, the adds the genre to the sources list.

    "Add Search" shows a text entry to add any search query of your choice. Results contain stations where the query appears in the stations name, genre or "now playing" info.

    Every station of a genre or search query has a plus button on the right hand side. Click it in order to add this station to your collection. If any folders are available a menu will appear to choose the folder the station should be added to.

    The arrow on top of a genre or search query collapses a section hiding the corresponding stations.

    The minus button on top of a genre or search query removes the entire section from the list.

    Start adding genres and search queries
  2. Arrange your selection of stations in the second step on the playlist page.

    Some formats allow the use of folders which can be added with the folder button top left.

    Stations and folders can be arranged via drag and drop using the corresponding button.

    Folders will automatically collapse as they are dragged around.

    The minus button right hand side removes the item from the playlist. If a folder is removed all contained stations will be removed, too.

    Your playlist remains empty until you add a station or a folder.

    Arrange the selected stations
  3. Finally generate a playlist in the preferred format.

    To do so simply select the appropriate format from the select button on top of the result text area. The generated playlist is displayed as text to copy and paste in the text area.

    Additionally a download button saves the playlist as "SHOUTlist.[format]" to your local storage.

    As soon as you leave this website your data will be lost. This is due to the privacy rules to not store any session or user data on the webserver or as cookie on the clients machine.

    Export the playlist as text or file

Bugs and Requests

If you have any questions, feature requests or encountered any bugs feel free to let me know about.

Legal Information

SHOUTcast is a trademark of NULLSOFT, INC., DULLES, VA 20166.

Protection of Privacy

This service is entirely uncommercial. There is absolutely no data saved except the usual server logs. There are no ads, tracking technology or like- and share buttons included. There isn't even any external script or font fetched from Google, jQuery, Bootstrap or whatever to keep you and all your data completely private.

No cookies are used which in consequence means that you can't restore any playlist generated in the past. As soon as you close this website your data generated (and not stored locally) will be lost.

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Create your SHOUTcast station list for your preferred webradio application (XML, CC-RDF, M3U, PLS, XSPF, SMIL, ASX) in three simple steps

  1. Assemble your sources from genres or search queries
  2. Add, arrange and file your preferred stations
  3. Export your playlist for your favorite application